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It’s an exciting an exciting season of life when you decide to sell your home.  It’s usually due to an employment opportunity that will provide a higher income.  It can also be the result of losing a loved one, divorce, or perhaps just a desire to downsize now that you have raised your family.  Now that you have decided to sell your home, it will mean preparing it for potential buyers.  Of course, you will want to put your best foot forward in order to get the most from your investment in terms of real dollars. As the title indicates, Clean Roofs Sell Houses.

clean roofs sell houses


Family, friends, neighbors and real estate experts will most likely provide more suggestions than you can implement.  Here are some of the most common suggestions for preparing the inside.  Get rid of the clutter.  Remove personal photos.  And present an image that will allow the general public to visualize their own belongings and pictures there.  Of course, consider paint and removing scuff marks and stains one way or another.  Make sure handles and doorknobs are tight and all electrical and plumbing issues resolved.  Consider utilizing plants, and of course, clean and deodorize.


But be sure to factor in the importance of exterior cleaning, since curb appeal is vital.  After all, the outside is the first impression they form of their potential new home.  In addition to a house wash and concrete cleaning, we highly recommend a clean roof.  CLEAN ROOFS SELL HOUSES because it is often the very first thing they notice.  If the roof is dark and dingy with streaks and stains, it is an automatic turn off.  CLEAN ROOFS SELL HOUSES because potential buyers often equate a dirty roof with replacement costs they will bear.  And CLEAN ROOFS SELL HOUSES because it really does add sparkle and shine to the rest of the property.

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by Angelo Angelo



In today’s economy, people are continually attempting to find more and more ways to save money.  Many people do not realize how many advantages of roof cleaning there are to regularly scheduled roof cleaning. Most families make sure their clothes, their bodies, their cars, and the inside of their homes are cleaned regularly.  However, the roof of the home is the most neglected aspect when it comes to cleaning.  Just look around your neighborhood and you’ll see what I mean!

advantages of roof cleaning

Financial Savings

Cleaning your roof means that it will last much longer, avoiding premature replacement costs.  When the roof is not cleaned regularly and properly, the darker stains attracts and retains heat.  This drives up the monthly cost to keep the home cool.  A roof with algae stains contributes to the possibility and a greater degree of sickness due to air born pathogens.  In fact, there is some insurance companies that threaten to cancel your homeowners policy if they discover you have not properly maintained your roof.  Over the long haul, the resale value of your home is higher when the roof is maintained and kept looking it’s best.  It serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose that results in financial savings.


Believe it or not, there are even more advantages beyond financial savings.  One of the most practical benefits is that neighbors appreciate the more pleasant visual appeal from their view.  In fact, in some cases they even become inspired to have their own roof cleaned, which benefits the entire neighborhood.  There is also the greater sense of pride and appreciation you have for your own home when you see a clean roof.

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