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There are many positive outcomes for using Clean and Green Solutions for professional ROOF CLEANING NEW CANEY service.  New Caney is a charming and quaint unincorporated area of Montgomery County, Texas.   With a population of approixmatly 20,000 residents, many residents have utilized our ROOF CLEANING NEW CANEY service.  In addition, we provide other exterior cleaning services such as house wash, concrete cleaning, stain removal, gutter brightening.  We can even remove graffiti.


Our ROOF CLEANING NEW CANEY service has many positive outcomes.  These include first and foremost, preserving the longevity of your roof.  When not kept clean, the roof deteriorates at a faster pace and you end up spending thousands of dollars on premature replacement.  Secondly, insurance companies can and may cancel homeowner’s policies when the roof is not well maintained.  Thirdly, your property value greatly increases by keeping the roof in peak condition.  Next, dark stains and streaks absorb heat from the sun, transferring it into your home.  This means higher electricity costs because your A/C unit must work harder.  Finally, the best positive outcome is that is just looks much better!  When you arrive and leave your home, as you walk your neighborhood and as neighbors pass by, it creates a much more positive vibe and feel about your home when the roof is clean.

roof cleaning new caney


We always utilize a SOFT WASH method for roof cleaning to avoid causing damage.  High powered pressure washing will simply make matters worse, so make sure the roof is being SOFT WASHED not pressure washed.  Soft Washing is a procedural process which effectively utilizes a cleaning detergent, along with a cold water rinse to remove dead algae.  The same amount of pressure that results from a garden hose is what is used for ROOF CLEANING NEW CANEY service.


Mildew and algae are the most common forms of stains that we remove from homes and buildings through our Soft Washing approach.  Biological and organic stains are the natural result of the amount of rainfall, dampness, and humidity in the greater Houston, Texas region.  Pressure washing and detergent alone will not properly and effectively clean the surface because the roots are left behind, and will simply grow back in a very short period of time.


ARCOT provides Soft Washing services for both residential and commercial properties. Our passion is keeping exterior properties looking attractive and fresh while providing a superior customer service experience with prompt communication. We service the entire Houston Texas area including Kingwood, Porter, Humble, West University, Bellaire, Spring, The Woodlands, Memorial, and all other areas.  Please call or text us at 2818838470 or use out Contact Page.

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