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We are glad to provide ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND service for this beautiful suburb of Houston.  Just 19 miles southwest of downtown Houston, Imperial Sugar has headquarters here.  In fact, the Imperial Sugar crown logo is featured in the city seal and logo.  This fast growing community now has a population of over 120,000 residents.  Large scale master plan communities contribute significantly to population growth with as much as 46% job growth.  With all this fast pace growth, ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND becomes a vital service to keep this beautiful community looking fresh and attractive.


With our ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND we have noticed that there are, for the most part, two roof types.  The two most common roof types are shingle and tile.  Shingle roofing consists of two layers.  There is a base layer which usually consists of asphalt, and the top layer has granules.  These granules could be made of slate, quartz, brick, stone or schist.  Tile roofing is traditionally made from local materials such as terracotta or slate.  Modern materials such as concrete and plastic are also possible, and some clay tiles have a waterproof glaze.



It is critically important that any cleaning contractor understands the roof makeup.  There are strict manufacturer’s guidelines that void the roof warranty if not cleaned according to standards.  Most roofs include a warranty of twenty to thirty years, depending on the roof type and manufacturer.  Our ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND service will not void your warranty and will prevent premature replacement costs.  There are many residents who end up replacing their roof when professional cleaning would return the roof to it’s original condition and color.  Keeping your roof cleaned over time will extend the life span of the roof by many, many years.


To ensure no damage occurs, we do not pressure wash the roof, nor do we ever recommend it.  Instead, we use a soft wash method and in most cases, do not walk on the roof.  With professional grade equipment and over twenty years of experience, we are able to spray the roof from ground areas.  We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for you, your plants, landscaping, and pets. Our soft wash method removes those ugly black streaks and returns your roof to like new color and condition.  In addition to the video below, here is a LINK to additional benefits of roof cleaning!




We encourage you to contact us for all your ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND service needs.  Call 281-853-8697 to request a free estimate.  We are FULLY INSURED and affiliated with the UAMCC.



by Angelo Angelo



Homeowners preparing to sell need to know that roof appearance determines curb appeal.  Surveys show that roof appearance and upkeep shapes 40% of curb appeal perception. Many potential buyers make a decision not to purchase a home based upon the condition of the roof and its appearance. If you have your roof cleaned before placing your home on the market, you greatly enhance your chances of selling your home for your desired value in the timely manner. Let me repeat that 40% of curb appeal is based upon the appearance and upkeep of your roof!


Stop and think about the vision of your roof through the eyes of potential buyers. What if they see dark stains, streaks and moss or lichen living and growing on the roof? If they see all kinds of evidence of wildlife settled in and enjoying residence on your roof, how will they respond? What if they see piles and piles of debris, pinestraw, leaves and branches gathered in corners and creating stains of their own? In many cases, they will not even take the next step to look at the inside if they see a dirty, neglected roof on the outside!


Even if the rest of the house is in fantastic shape, they know that roof replacement is a major expense! In many cases, they will negotiate the cost of roof replacement into the final sales price of the home. So presenting a home with a roof that’s in great shape is paramount to making the sale! On average, the cost of cleaning your roof is 10% of the cost of roof replacement. Think about this for a moment. You can replace your roof for about $15,000, or you can have it professionally cleaned for $1500. We recommend having it cleaned!

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