by Angelo Angelo


Homeowners preparing to sell need to know that roof appearance determines curb appeal.  Surveys show that roof appearance and upkeep shapes 40% of curb appeal perception. Many potential buyers make a decision not to purchase a home based upon the condition of the roof and its appearance. If you have your roof cleaned before placing your home on the market, you greatly enhance your chances of selling your home for your desired value in the timely manner. Let me repeat that 40% of curb appeal is based upon the appearance and upkeep of your roof!


Stop and think about the vision of your roof through the eyes of potential buyers. What if they see dark stains, streaks and moss or lichen living and growing on the roof? If they see all kinds of evidence of wildlife settled in and enjoying residence on your roof, how will they respond? What if they see piles and piles of debris, pinestraw, leaves and branches gathered in corners and creating stains of their own? In many cases, they will not even take the next step to look at the inside if they see a dirty, neglected roof on the outside!


Even if the rest of the house is in fantastic shape, they know that roof replacement is a major expense! In many cases, they will negotiate the cost of roof replacement into the final sales price of the home. So presenting a home with a roof that’s in great shape is paramount to making the sale! On average, the cost of cleaning your roof is 10% of the cost of roof replacement. Think about this for a moment. You can replace your roof for about $15,000, or you can have it professionally cleaned for $1500. We recommend having it cleaned!

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