by Angelo Angelo

Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning

This past month our Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning crew was busy soft wash cleaning a roof to remove those black algae stains that are caused by our warm moist humid environment.  We had last cleaned the roof on this home back in 2014 and as you can tell in the picture it was in need of a roof cleaning again.

This home is located in the beautiful subdivision of The Commons of Lake Houston in Huffman, Tx.  This neighborhood is known for it gorgeous tree shaded homes. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods to work in.  I love how the homes have plenty of space between them for privacy, yet close enough in case you want to visit.

Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning

Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning

The homes in The Commons of Lake Houston come in all different sizes and shapes and is definitely not a cookie cutter style neighborhood.  Often times I am able to provide an estimate for a roof cleaning by measuring it online using software that allows us to do that.  All the homes are all uniquely built, and many have beautiful shade trees blocking our view.  I often need to go out and actually put a visual to obtain an accurate quote.  I really don’t mind though, as it always gives me a chance to see the beautiful homes in the neighborhood.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services

Our soft wash roof cleaning equipment can also be used for cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces. We can remove years of built up grime and algae stains.  When we clean your Huffman Texas home or roof we do not use high pressure.  Everything is cleaned softly so there is no risk of damaging the surfaces of your home.  A lot of homes in The Commons can have 3 or 4 different types of surfaces.  It is important that you choose someone like us with the experience and knowledge of how to clean properly. We also provide pressure washing services for driveways and other surface’s that may need that.

Feel free to call or text us at 281-853-8697 and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.