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Roof Stain Removal Katy Texas

Katy, Texas is a WONDERFUL place to live, work, and raise a family.  There is a high quality of life, a low cost of living, and a fantastic community spirit.  Public education is at it’s finest in Katy.  And there are many strong churches that keep the community tied closely together.  But one thing Katy residents cannot avoid is ugly, dark roof stains appearing throughout the community.  This is due to many factors such as rain, humidity, shade, and even limestone particles in the shingles themselves.  So this feeds the algae, which is also called mold or mildew.  Our Roof Stain Removal Katy Texas service removes these ugly black stains.

Roof Stain Removal Katy Texas

Roof Stain Removal Katy Texas

Never Pressure Wash a Roof

What you do NOT want to do is attempt to blast these stains away with pressure washing.  This is because you end up blasting the life out of your roof by wearing down the granular particles.  With our no pressure SOFT WASH approach to clean roofs, no damage occurs.  We use a solution that attacks the algae rather than destroy the shingle, and we protect the environment throughout the entire process.  With less pressure than a garden hose, we gently apply our cleaning agent to every square inch of your roof, which kills the algae on contact and brings a dramatic visual result within five to ten minutes after we begin.  

Save Money

A roofing company may recommend replacement, which will cost you thousands of dollars when you really do not need a new roof at all.  But what you simply need is a good, thorough cleaning.  So give us a call and allow us to provide a free estimate at no cost over the phone, as we are able to examine your roof with a simple google maps street view picture online.  We’ll be thrilled to answer any questions you might have about our SOFT WASH roof stain removal strategy for Katy, Texas.  We know you’ll be thrilled with our affordable price, and quality work.          

For more information on pressure washing you can visit our Roof Stain Removal Site.