by Angelo Angelo

Roof Stain Removal Spring Texas

Spring, Texas has a rich and diverse history that includes the Orcoquiza Native Americans, German immigrants that began farming, and a railroad switchyard.  More recently, Spring has produced famous athletes such as Josh Beckett, Chad Hendrick, Mike Jackson, and others.  However, one famous myth is that the famous duo Bonnie and Clyde once robbed the Spring State Bank.  It makes you wonder how these kinds of false rumors get started!  I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde were the first to offer Roof Stain Removal Spring Texas as a service.


Roof Stain Removal Spring Texas

Roof Stain Removal Spring Texas

Well when it comes to roof washing, there are some myths people generally believe that need to be exposed.  First, black roof stains are not caused by tar, acid, dirt, or jet fuel.  In fact, the root cause is a type of blue-green algae that can be spread from one house to another through air born spores.  Second, roof stain removal requires pressure cleaning.  The reality is that pressure cleaning can actually do more damage to your roof by causing erosion of the “gritty” granular particles that make up each shingle.  This will reduce the lifespan of the roof by years.  Third, I really only have to clean the stained area.  This is a myth because algae exists in early stages that cannot be detected through visual inspection.  If you clean only the stains, more stains will appear elsewhere within a year.  

A final myth is that algae must mean I need to have my roof replaced.  Of course, this myth is promoted by roofing companies looking to increase their business.  But the reality is that a non pressure cleaning solution will restore the original color and appearance of your roof, and save you thousands in replacement dollars.  If you need roof cleaning in Spring, Texas, don’t buy the typical Bonnie and Clyde myths that rob you of dollars and bring more frustration.  Contact us today for a free estimate and use our non pressure SOFT WASH approach for safer roof cleaning.    

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