by Angelo Angelo

Roof Stain Removal Kingwood Texas

Kingwood, Texas is a large master-plan community in northwest Houston that most know as a “livable forest.”  With over 15,000 acres of nature preserves and parks, it is running over with numerous forests and trails.  This unique natural environment creates a greater than average need for our Roof Stain Removal Kingwood Texas service.  That’s because of the presence of algae, which results in large amounts of black streak roof staining.


Roof Washing in Kingwood, Texas is what we specialize in with our no pressure, chemical SOFT WASH application.  It produces visible results within five to ten minutes of application.  Unfortunately, these stains spread from one roof to another through releasing spores into the air.  In fact, it spreads much like a contagious illness.  Rain, humidity, and even the limestone in the shingles themselves provide necessary elements for these stains to thrive and grow.  This creates a negative impression to the appearance of your home that keeps getting worse over time.

Pressure Washing a Roof

While many turn to pressure washing for roof cleaning Kingwood, Texas, the high and low pressure cleaning methods actually damage the roof.  Damage occurs by wearing down the “gritty” shingles and reducing the lifespan of the roof.  By using our SOFT WASH no pressure chemical cleaning agent, we attack the algae without attacking the shingle.

In addition, it’s safe for the environment.  With less pressure than a garden hose, the algae dies immediately on contact and will most likely not return for three to seven years.    Most shingles are designed to last 15-25 years.  So our promise to you is to be honest and up front about the condition of your roof when a full roof replacement is what is needed and recommended.  At the same time, there are many cases where your roof can be restored to looking like new with our soft wash, Roof Stain Removal Kingwood Texas no pressure approach!


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